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Rocky Horror Picture Show sells out, leaves huge mess | Arts & Culture

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Rocky Horror Picture Show sells out, leaves huge mess

Saturday night the place to be was without a doubt The Harbor Theater. They screened The Rocky Horror Picture Show to a sold out crowd. This sold out crowd is not like any sold out crowd you've seen before. This crowd is populated by sailors, greasers, and everything in between and the costumes are just the beginning. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is not your typical movie going experience.  After purchasing your ticket you can purchase a prop kit. In the prop kit you will find a roll of toilet paper, a newspaper, a noise maker, a glow stick, rice, confetti, and paper plates. This movie encourages audience participation. These items will come in handy at various points throughout the movie and result in a huge mess.

 There are several things to know before viewing Rocky Horror Picture Show. First and foremost people will be yelling throughout the movie. They will be yelling some of the funniest things you have ever heard yelled at a movie screen. If you think of a good line don't keep it to yourself. Shout it out. For the most part these lines are spontaneous lines yelled by individuals. There are also some things that are yelled by the whole audience. The second thing you should know is there will be lots of things being thrown around during the movie. The movie opens with a wedding scene. As the couple exits the church the entire theater explodes in a shower of rice. There are also opportunities to through toilet paper and paper plates.

This level of audience participation makes the movie a fun experience. The whole experience is designed to have fun. There are no rules, no wrong or right thing to say. Even if you are not one to yell in a movie theater you will still enjoy the experience. You owe it to yourself to experience this film for yourself. So next year be sure to head to The Harbor Theater and check this out. You will want to get there early as it sells out fast. Also there is some adult material so you will want to leave the kids at home.

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