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Student's Canoe Found in Egypt | News

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Student's Canoe Found in Egypt
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The 3rd grade classes at McLaughlin Elementary School in Muskegon, MI created foot long canoes that were put in Lake Superior in May of 2010. In the story Paddle to the Sea, an Indian boy carves a canoe and lets it go in Lake Superior hoping it will make it to the sea. Forty-one canoes have been released and students are hoping to get reports on where they are. Each canoe is numbered for a 3rd grader at the school (#1-41). The students will be monitoring the situation for years to come hoping their canoe will be found, perhaps traveling through the Great Lakes out to the sea.On Tuesday, May 25, 2010 twenty-one canoes were released in Lake Superior and then on Wednesday, May 26, 2010 twenty more were released on the south side of the Soo Locks.  

To date, fifteen canoes have been reported found and re-launched. Several were found on Sugar Island, south of the Soo Locks, one on the St. Mary’s River, and another in Lake Superior near Great Sand Bay (Keweenaw Peninsula). The most exciting discovery was the one found on the Red Sea between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, close to the Sinai Peninsula.

Colette Forrest, from Scotland, teaches the second grade in CES, Cairo, Egypt. She was on a trip to Dahab, on the Red Sea, and found what looked like a piece of painted wood but it turned out to be one of the canoes, number 41.

Forrest took it to her class who has made plans for the little canoe; taking it to the pyramids and the ancient tombs. The students in Egypt thought the American students might like to see pictures of their canoe on its travel through Egypt! Both classrooms plan to stay in contact while the canoe is in Egypt.

At this time, the plan is to re-launch the canoe near Alexandria on the Mediterranean coast, allowing the canoe to possibly make its way to Europe.

In an email to McLaughlin School Forrest stated, “Thanks for doing this project; it has my international project tied up with a bow!”


News, Schools, Weird

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