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Purse snatching thwarted by good samaritan

On Friday, July 27, 2012, Fruitport Township Police Department responded to the Meijer store (5300 S. Harvey in Fruitport Township) regarding a reported purse-snatching complaint.

The 78-year-old female victim had been shopping in the produce department of Meijer when she turned away from her shopping cart briefly to look at something.

A 32-year-old female suspect from the Muskegon County area reportedly approached the shopping cart, took the victim’s purse from the cart, and started toward the exit.

The victim was unaware of the offender’s actions, but a nearby Good Samaritan witnessed the theft. The witness yelled, notifying others of the theft, and then caught up to the suspect and recovered the victim’s purse.

The suspect got into a vehicle and left the scene. Witnesses provided a vehicle and suspect description to police. The vehicle was later located in Whitehall and stopped by Whitehall Police Department. The suspect was in the vehicle.

Stabbing in the City of Muskegon

Stabbing in the City of Muskegon

At 9:19pm, July 4, 2012, officers of the Muskegon Police Department were dispatched to the 1800 Block of Superior Street where it was reported a person had been stabbed.

The victim was a 40 year old male Muskegon resident who was attending a party at the residence.  The assailant was a 51 year old male who resided at the location and left the scene after the assault.  The assailant was taken into custody by Muskegon Police Officers a short while later.  The victim was transported to a local hospital.

An on-going investigation is being conducted by Detectives of the Muskegon Police Department and information will be released when it becomes available.

If anyone has any information on this incident please call the Muskegon Police Department as 231-724-6750 or Silent Observer at 231-722-7463.

Drugs stolen from Norton Shores pharmacy

Drugs stolen from Norton Shores pharmacy

NORTON SHORES, Mich. (WZZM) - Police are looking for the man who stole a variety of drugs from a Norton Shores pharmacy Tuesday morning.

At about 5:30am on July 3, Norton Shores Police were called to the Watkins Pharmacy on Sherman Blvd.  A suspect had broken the glass of the drive-up window to get inside.

An undetermined amount of undetermined pharmaceuticals were taken.  Staff is taking an inventory to determine what is missing.

The pharmacy did have a surveillance camera operating.  The attached photo and video show the suspect in the pharmacy.

Anyone with information is asked to call Silent Observer at 231-722-7463 or Norton Shores Police at 231-733-2691.

Subject posing as ADT Alarm worker

From the Muskegon Public Safety Office: 

The Muskegon Police Department would like citizens to be aware of a subject who attempted to pose as a worker for ADT Alarms and gain entry to a home on the east side of Muskegon. This occurred within the last couple of days. The homeowner advised they did not call for alarm service, refused the subject entry, and he left. The subject was described as a white male in his 20’s, 5’11, medium build. He had on a yellow cap and blue jeans at the time. The homeowner later called the alarm service who confirmed they had not sent anyone to the home. 

Legitimate Alarm Service Company employees will usually be in a uniform, will have a company ID card, and be driving a company vehicle. If you have any doubt call the alarm service and verify the persons identity as an employee before you agree to let them inside.

Historic drive-in theater broken into

MUSKEGON, Mich. (WZZM)--  Muskegon police say the person who broke into the city’s historic drive-in theater may have been looking for food.

Someone discovered the break-in at the Getty 4 theater Tuesday morning.  A general manager says the suspect broke into the projection booth and concession stand, but nothing inside was damaged or missing.  Officers say the crime likely happened overnight.

Getty 4 is the only outdoor drive-in theater still operating in the region.

Motorcyclist killed in Fruitport Township accident

Motorcyclist killed in Fruitport Township accident

FRUITPORT TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WZZM) -- Police say a motorcyclist was killed in a Fruitport Township accident, involving a pickup truck that turned in his path.

The accident happened around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday on East Broadway Ave. near S. Quarterline Rd.

Fruitport Township public safety director Ken Doctor says the motorcycle was westbound on Broadway when an eastbound pickup made a left turn in front of the bike.

The motorcycle collided with the truck, killing the 40-year-old rider.

Investigators say they are still piecing together what led up to the collision.

The name of the man killed is not being released until the rest of his family is notified.

Police Department Notice 6-13-201

Police Department Notice 6-13-201

From: http://www.muskegon-mi.gov

The Muskegon Police Department would like to remind persons to secure their homes, garages and sheds as we are seeing an increase in larcenies and breaking and entering to homes as well as sheds and garages. This increase is occurring all across the city.

Persons in the Glenside/Lakeside/Bluffton neighborhoods should be aware that there have been several recent attempts by a suspect(s) to enter the home at night while the home owner is asleep. Entry is made or attempted to be made through windows left open with just the screen in place. Homeowners should be closing and locking all doors and windows when not home or before going to sleep.

Homeowners should leave outside lights on when possible and remember to trim all trees and shrubs that may cover or obscure windows or doorways so that neighbors and/or officers on patrol can keep a better eye on your home for you.