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Musk. Hts Board to discuss Proposal 1 fail | Education

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Musk. Hts Board to discuss Proposal 1 fail

MUSKEGON HEIGHTS (WZZM) - Muskegon Heights School Board members will meet Thursday to discuss the local impact of voters rejecting Proposal 1 last week.

The school district is one of several districts and communities with an emergency financial manager.  Governor Rick Snyder appointed an emergency financial manager this spring and students and parents are finally getting settled in with all the changes that came as a result of that.

Now, with voters rejecting Proposal 1, which would have allowed the state to continue appointing managers to financially struggling governments or schools, it begs the question, what's next?

A special meeting will take place at noon today at the Muskegon Heights Board of Education building.  At issue, is how the vote could impact the changes already in place at the district.

Immediately following the election, WZZM 13 talked to one of the newly appointed school board members who agrees the district must have clarification moving forward.

The school district is now operating under an older version of the law, but that measure is expected to be contested in court later this month.

"If it is something that goes to the courts or whatever and its determined that it's not going to hold fort, what does that mean for the Muskegon Heights Public Schools and the school board that was existing at that time," said Darryl Todd, board member with Muskegon Heights Public School Academy.

School district attorney Gary Britton will discuss how the rejection of Proposal 1 impacts the board's role in relationship to the district's emergency financial manager and the Muskegon Heights Public School academy system.

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