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Man allegedly picked victims for Muskegon shooter | News

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Man allegedly picked victims for Muskegon shooter

FRUITLAND TWP., Mich. (WZZM) - A man is being charged for his involvement in this weekend's deadly Muskegon County shooting, but he wasn't likely the one holding the gun.

The man now in custody is 23-year-old Alexander Bumstead. He was charged Thursday with Involuntary Manslaughter because deputies do not believe he was the one to pull the trigger; they think 22-year-old Deontay Black-Wickliffe is to one who did the actual shooting, while Bumstead stood by and pointed out the people he wanted shot.

Four people total were shot early Saturday morning, including 21-year-old Gary Ogreen, who was killed. Ogreen was the host of the house party where this happened on West McMillan Ave. in Fruitland Township. We're told Bumstead and Wickliffe were among several carloads of people who showed up uninvited when the fighting broke out.

The case is unique to what Muskegon's Undersheriff, Daniel Staut has seen over his 40-year career. "I've never come across a case, where allegedly, someone saying 'shoot this person, this person and this person,' and another person actually committing that crime."

Wickliffe, who lives in Muskegon, is believed to still be in the area; armed and dangerous. If you see him, or have any tips, call police or silent observer.

A $5,000 reward is available in exchange for information leading to Wickliffe's arrest.



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