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Making a cell phone tower into a tree | News

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Making a cell phone tower into a tree

NORTON SHORES, Mich. (WZZM) - There's something very tall being assembled at the Muskegon Elks Campground on Lake Harbor Road in Norton Shores. It's something Elks Chairman John Muller hopes campers never even notice.

The 150-foot tall object is a new Verizon cell tower disguised as a pine tree. The tower is covered with a brown texture that looks like bark. On the top of the tower there are more than 40-fake limbs.

Muller says from a distance, and even up close, the fake tree looks real. The elks campground also has an older cell tower that's disguised as a massive flag pole.

The cell tower made to look like a tree is the first in West-Michigan. Other versions of the tree can be seen near Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Cell towers disguised or blended into environments are often referred to as "stealth" towers according to Newkirk Electric's' Dennis Miller. Miller and his co-workers will finish assembling the tower in about five days. When it is complete, the equipment at the top of the tower will be camouflaged to also appear as part of the tree.

The Muskegon Elks use lease fees from Verizon to support Muskegon area charities.


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