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Muskegon cottage owners compete to give away sand | News

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Muskegon cottage owners compete to give away sand

MUSKEGON, Mich. (WZZM) - Signs that read 'free sand', 'freshest free sand' and 'really free sand' are sticking out of sand piles across from the Pere Marquette Beach in Muskegon. 

Anyone who wants some can help themselves.

"We all need you to come and get your sand here," says cottage owner Fred Stohr.

During winter, wind blows the sand off the beach and onto the sidewalks and driveways of lakeside cottages. The owners say it's a nuisance.

"One year I had three feet of sand on the driveway," recalls Stohr.

The cottage owners along Beach Street offer the sand free to anyone who will take it.

"Yeah, they just told us to pull up. The driveway was filled with sand. We pulled up and loaded our truck,"  says contractor Jeff Haynes.

To attract more attention to their sand piles, some cottage owners are using signs to make their free sand seem like an even bigger bargain.

"So they have signs that say 'free-er sand'", chuckles Stohr. "I do have one that says that. I'll put it out if I need to. I'll be competitive."

The more sand they can get someone to come and remove,  the less sand the cottage owners have to sweep and shovel out of the way.

"They want it out of here," says Haynes. "They just want someone to come and get it."

"People want sand for playgrounds, sandboxes, that's the main thing," says Stohr. "You can go pay $2 for a 50 lb. bag or come here and get it for nothing."


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