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Made in Michigan: Rey Trucks | News

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Made in Michigan: Rey Trucks

MUSKEGON, Mich. (WZZM) - Re-Source Industries in Muskegon is jumping into the fast-growing recreational activity of longboarding, manufacturing trucks that hold skateboard wheels under longboard decks.

The company sells Rey Trucks online. Re-Source Industries President Paul Kuyt says sales are good even with little conventional advertising, "It is word of mouth, and social media."

Kuyt's company already makes parts for cars, slot machines, compound bows, and hand dryers for restroom. Manufacturing parts for longboards wasn't a consideration until he and his two children took up the activity several years.

Kuyt says, "I purchased a set of trucks from another manufacturer and I just was not impressed with the quality for the price. It seemed like it was too much money and I could do a better job."

That lead to a challenge for employees at Re-Source Industries. Now the Rey Trucks line is in full productions. From a small shipping room on Getty Street the trucks are sent all over the world, "One out of every trucks we sell goes to Australia."

Longboards are especially popular on college campuses and in large cities. Unlike bicycles the boards can be stored under a desk or in a locker.

Re-Source Industries has just under 50 employees. Rey Trucks start at $139 per set.


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