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West Michigan's worst roads... according to you | News

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West Michigan's worst roads... according to you

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - According to over 100 comments on WZZM's Facebook page Wednesday, many West Michigan roads are in rough shape.

Governor Rick Snyder has outlined a plan for how Michigan's roads will be built in the future, calling for motorists to pay higher taxes and fees.

We asked the question, "What roads where you live are in most need of repair?"

The comments came flooding in.

Diane Eggleston Ensley posted, "Knapp NE between Plainfield and Diamond" in Grand Rapids.

Larry C. Says suggested, "56th St SW between Wilson and Canal" in Grandville.

Beth Sumerix posted, "Getty in Muskegon. Cars have lost tires going over those potholes."

We decided to use some of your comments as our compass and check out some of the locations.

Danielle Allen posted that, "50th from Clay to Division is horrible!"

Our crew arrived at 50th and Clay and found several potholes and rough spots.

Joseph Lange commented that, "Lafayette Ave. south of Plainfield" had areas in bad shape.

Our crew discovered that the intersection of Lafayette and Spender was in particularly rough shape, with bumps, patches and a loose drain lid for motorists to navigate around.

Amy Aho suggested, "Knapp St. just south of Fuller."

When we arrived at that location, we immediately saw a pothole the size of a basketball surrounded by many other spots of disrepair.

Snyder said Wednesday that he wants to distribute road funds based on road use and traffic.

Currently 39% of state and federal road funds go to the state, while 39% go to county road commissions and 22% to cities and villages.

Snyder said that formula should be changed over the next seven years so that road funds are spent where they'll do the most good.

If you know of a road near you that's in need of repairs, feel free to post your comment on WZZM's Facebook page.


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