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Cat rescued from Muskegon home | Pets

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Cat rescued from Muskegon home

MUSKEGON, Mich. (WZZM)- A cat, trapped for at least a month in its dead owner's home, is finally free.

A viewer notified us about the animal, stuck in a Muskegon home, after the owner died last month.  Neighbors say they contacted the man's adult children but neither daughter would come get the cat.

After WZZM 13 News called Muskegon Police an officer arrived at the home, forced his way inside and rescued the starving cat.

"When I looked in there the litter box is full.  He is going on the side of it.  It is bad. Y ou can tell how long he has been in there," said Jessica Redmon of Muskegon. 

Dianna Davis with Pound Buddies said, "Dehydrated, very thin, not very happy."

Pound Buddies has custody of the cat.  One of the neighbors concerned about the cat plans to adopt it.


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