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We trade our Urban Wildlife for a rare sighting -- The elusive badger

We trade our Urban Wildlife for a rare sighting -- The elusive badger

Meet Bella, Bucky and Barry:

We leave the urban wildlife in Forest Hills and head to our cabin in Wisconsin.  In Michigan, you would call our cabin a cottage.  In Wisconsin, they are known as cabins.  Anyway I digress - our cabin is on 10 hilly acres of grassland in the bluff country of southern Wisconsin. 

Wisconsin is known as the dairy state, but the “state animal” is not a cow.  It’s the badger.  Yes, Wisconsinites have seen Bucky the Badger, the University of Wisconsin’s mascot.  But very few of them have ever seen a real badger.  Our property in Wisconsin was invaded by three badgers last year!!!!

The first sign of a badger invasion:

The first sign of the badger invasion was the yard, which was dug up.  Badgers prefer to live in open grasslands, fields and pastures.  My husband mows about four acres of our property and lets the rest of the grasses grow wild.

A break from urban wildlife for a day at the beach

A break from urban wildlife for a day at the beach

LAKE MICHIGAN -  Even a dog has to take a break from all the excitement of his backyard kingdom.  On this sunny summer day, George, my husband, and I head to the beach.  Our friends, Nancy and Don, own a cottage on Lake Michigan, and they have invited the three of us to spend the day at the beach.

This is George’s first visit to Lake Michigan.  The waves were a little intimidating at first.  He would sniff the water, but he would not allow himself to get wet.  He wouldn’t even dip his paw into the water to check it out.  Then something caught his eye.  George noticed the beautiful white birds walking along the water’s edge.  He tried to get close to these interesting critters, but they would simply fly off.

Silly me, I thought seagulls only lived by the ocean, and then I moved to Michigan and discovered the Big Lake is home to a thriving population of seagulls.  I have since learned that seagulls or gulls will live al

Muskegon County celebrating park expansion Saturday

Muskegon County park officials and the Land Conservancy of West Michigan are inviting the community out Saturday, June 4  to celebrate the expansion of Meinart Park.

Officials will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony at 1 p.m.  to celebrate the additional 95 acres.  Visitors can also take a guided hike through the wooded dunelands.

Guests are encouraged to RSVP by contacting the Land Conservancy of West Michigan at (616) 451-9476 or lcwm@naturenearby.org.

Urban Wildlife - Meet Tommy and Henrietta

Urban Wildlife - Meet Tommy and Henrietta

George and his Backyard Critters – Meet “Tommy” and “Henrietta”:

“Tommy” and “Henrietta” are the wild turkeys who live in the neighborhood and visit our bird feeder once in a while. We don’t see the turkeys very often, maybe it’s because they can go 14 to 20 days without food.

Michigan turkeys disappeared in the late 1800’s. In the 1950’s, wildlife biologists reintroduced turkeys in southwestern Michigan and later in the northern part of the state.  Today, there are about 200,000 wild turkeys roaming around Michigan.

Two of those turkeys live in our Forest Hills neighborhood. They are the Eastern Wild Turkey variety.

Lost Boat Ceremony on Sunday

The Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum will hold a traditional ceremony on Sunday, honoring the 53 submarines and 3,000 men and women who lost their lives during World War II.

The Lost Boat Ceremony will take place at the museum, located in the Muskegon channel.  For more information, call (231) 755-1230.

Blessing of the boats this Sunday

Muskegon Lake Effect Boating will kick off Memorial Day weekend with a blessing of the boats on Sunday, May 29.

Boaters are encouraged to follow the Port City Princess as it sails Lake Michigan through Muskegon Lake. During the return trip through the channel, boaters that pass the Port City Princess can receive a blessing from Rev. Tom Scott, the parish priest from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Muskegon.

After the cruise and blessing, boaters can raft up along the Muskegon State Park Dune, enjoying each others’ company before welcoming in the Lake Express ferry at 4 p.m.

Lake Michigan Art Walk Moves to the Great Outdoors

Lake Michigan Art Walk Moves to the Great Outdoors

News Release:

(MUSKEGON, MICH)- On Saturday, May 21, the Lake Michigan Art Walk (LMAW) is taking its art outdoors, for the first time. The popular event has grown substantially since its inception and will now also dot the downtown Muskegon landscape.

Nestled among the nooks and patios downtown, from Third Street to Western Avenue, participating artists will be displaying the best of their collections, including many new pieces created specifically for this event.  "Our artists are excited to be outside this year - natural light is very complimentary to the arts," said Gary Packingham, an artist and one of the organizers of The Lake Michigan Art Walk. 

The Lake Michigan Art Walk (http://www.lakemichiganartwalk.com/) began last year with just a handful of participants and has since grown to include more than sixty artists.